We Are Empowered by Choice Not By Luck

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Author:Amarillis Velez


Publication date:03/19/2024



A couple of days ago, I found myself discussing this very same subject with some of the most powerful women I have the honor to call friends. It all started because I was telling them about my fabulous weekend in Miami where a very special friend of mine and I decided to spend a night watching TV and contemplating life, business, and overall women’s topics. That night, my friend and I decided to order a bunch of Chinese fortune cookies and discuss each of them from a philosophical perspective. And so, I cracked open a cookie that had the following message: “Winners Make Their Own Luck.”

This message stuck with me for a while, so, a couple of days ago, I revisited it and had an insightful discussion. And I feel it is such an important message because, in my opinion, we are all winners in our own ways. There is no way to measure success, but individually, success is measured by the way we progress in life. Because I am a business owner, this article is about what I have to say about us, women, creating our luck, from an entrepreneurial perspective.

In my experience, in this dynamic world of business, where challenges overflow and opportunities may seem mysterious, successful women entrepreneurs stand out not just for our achievements, but for our ability to create our own luck. Often, when we witness someone reaching the peak of success, it’s tempting to attribute it to mere chance or fate. However, for many women at the forefront of business, luck is not a passive force; to the contrary, it’s the result of intentional choices, discipline, and steady determination.

One key aspect that distinguishes accomplished businesswomen is our proactive approach to shaping our own destiny. We certainly don’t wait for luck to come knocking; instead, we open the door ourselves. Moreover, it is crucial to acknowledge the importance of a positive mindset and resilience in navigating the unpredictable landscape of the business world. I believe that embracing challenges is a way to find opportunities. Every learning experience is a key ingredient in creating one’s luck because setbacks aren’t roadblocks; they’re stepping stones toward greater success.

One thing that I’ve come to recognize, apply, and adopt is that networking and building meaningful relationships are both critical elements in creating our own luck. By actively engaging with mentors, peers, and leaders, we not only gain valuable insights but also open doors to new opportunities. Networking for me is about creating a supportive community that fosters growth and collaboration with those who share your same values and vision.

Taking ownership of our journey is a common thread among all women whether entrepreneurs or not. We shouldn’t attribute our success solely to external factors but acknowledge the role of hard work, strategic thinking, and continuous self-improvement. Whether it’s developing new skills, staying updated on industry trends, or seeking mentorship, we should all invest in ourselves, and recognize that personal growth is a crucial factor in shaping our destiny. Also, very important is to understand that movement is not the same as progress. We need to move forward instead of running in place. 

All in all, the notion of winners creating their own luck is not a fortune concept, but a mindset adopted by many. By making deliberate choices, maintaining resilience, nurturing relationships, and investing in personal growth, we not only navigate the challenges of business but actively shape our success. I find inspiration when I meet a successful woman and learn her story, and it is always a reminder that luck is not just a chance occurrence—it’s a product of determination, perseverance, and the unwavering belief that success is within our control.

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