Federal Government Contracting

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Senior Auditor at DCAA

Before becoming an attorney, Amarillis Velez was a Senior Auditor at Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) for 15+ years. As an employee of DCAA, Amarillis functioned in several capacities, all of which prepared her in the procurement and contracting fields from all aspects.

For instance, Amarillis assisted in the conduct of felony investigations in cases involving:

  • Labor mischarging
  • False claims and false statements
  • Kickbacks
  • False invoices.

Amarillis also provided technical direction and guidance to criminal investigators and prosecutors regarding procurement fraud, Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS).

Experience and Commitment

At Velez Legal Practice, we don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk. Amarillis’ vast experience, honors, awards, and recognitions throughout her federal employment career within the procurement and contracting community reflect her lifelong commitment.





Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS)

Comprehensive Government Contracting

Amarillis has extensive experience working with small businesses and major government contractors across the United States. Our firm offers a wide range of services to assist clients of all sizes in their government contracting needs.

Requests for claims and termination (Federal)

Commercial products and services contracting

DoD contracting of commercial and non-commercial items

Regulatory compliance and investigations

Procurement fraud and investigations

Joint ventures and SBA Mentor Protégé Programs

Government contracts consulting services

Government contracts claims and disputes

DCAA/DCMA audits and compliance evaluations