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Author:Amarillis Velez


Publication date:08/04/2021

As a young couple, my husband and I used to travel several times during the year for both work and pleasure related trips. We would begin a trip as a work related travel and end it on a pleasure note. My husband and I, both moved to Florida from different states, so our family and close relatives live hundreds or thousands miles away from us. The years passed and our two girls came into our lives. As the years passed, every morning, I would take my girls to school and kiss them goodbye. Sometimes, we even had close friends pick them up from school because we were still attending meetings at work, or we had traffic situation that would not allow us to make it on time to pick them up. During my commute to and from the office, I would think and wonder what would happen to my kids if something were to happen to me. What if I had an accident on my way to the office or during a business trip? What if I died as a result of the accident? I never paid much attention, because I always knew that my husband was there for them. But, what if something happened to both of us? What would happen to our girls, our house, or our things?

Who will take care of them and when? How would our daughters be raised and by whom? Would that person teach the same values and principles I would want my girls to learn? Would they be treated with respect and shown the values I had planned for them? It was at that point when I began worrying, and feeling unprotected for any of those circumstances.

Knowing all this, we (as a couple) began shopping for an attorney, so we can have our estate planning done and feel prepared and covered for any of those circumstances I mentioned before. As an attorney, I found how the majority of these services offered out there are very impersonal, and I felt like I was just another client with a whole bunch of checklists to go through. As parents, we felt extremely overwhelmed by all this process, not to mention that every single quote was priced differently and within a price range that made our lives even more complicated. We felt like we did not connect to any of the offerors we visited. So I decided to complete our estate plan online on our own. As we began the process, we found ourselves having discussions with experienced attorneys in the area of estate planning for guidance. It was too much work, even for an online service.  So, once again, we stopped all efforts related to online aids, and decided to prepare my estate plan from zero, using the law, time, our intentions and goals, and mentors along the way for guidance.

After several months of learning, reading, discussions, and testing, I was able to finish our estate plan. I made sure our estate plan covers all of our concerns, and that it was designed with our intentions as a goal.  All this process, was a great turning point in my life, because I knew right there and then, that I had to use all of that knowledge to help and assist families, just like mine that are feeling hopeless, disconnected or impersonal when attending meetings and inquiring related to their estate planning.

For that reason, I made it my priority number one to be the best attorney I can be in my practice area, and to provide the best services a person or family can have or receive when interacting and searching for estate planning services.

My goal is to educate the community with the right tools and knowledge, and ensure that not only your choices and wishes are respected, but most importantly, that your family and loved ones have financial support when needed.

As a parent, I know how frustrating it can be when you have the feeling that your child is not protected, and I want to give you and your family peace of mind in knowing that we got you and your family covered, today and for a lifetime.

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